Sculptural Coffee Table by Paul Dierkes with Bronze Legs, Germany, 1950s

Dierkes, Paul
Coffee tables

A very rare studio crafted coffee table by German sculptor Paul Dierkes. He only made a couple of pieces of this design in the 1950s and this might be the only one to survive. This table shows Dierkes' great appreciation for material, with a solid mahogany top and three sculptural bronze legs. The legs are fixed with visible screws, becoming part of the design of the top. Dierkes rarely made furniture and only for friends. This table was bought from a lady who was friends with Dierkes and also owned a few other of his works. Paul Dierkes (1907-1968) was a sculptor and graphic designer, working in post-war Berlin. For his sculptures he worked mostly with stone and wood. Apart from autonomous projects, he also worked with architects like Egon Eiermann, Peter Poelzig and Sep Ruf. A prominent example of these collaborations is Eiermann's Gedächtniskirche, for which Dierkes made the crucifix, amongst other work.

  • 1445
  • Price on request
  • 20.9 In / 53.0 cm
  • 39.2 In / 99.5 cm

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