Elegant Studio Crafted Side Chair with a Woven String Seating, USA

Side Chairs
United States

An American studio crafted side chair made of wood with a seating and backrest made of woven string. Very elegant side chair.

  • 541
  • EUR 3800.00
  • 32.7 In / 83.0 cm
  • 18.3 In / 46.5 cm
  • 19.7 In / 50.0 cm
  • 18.5 In / 47.0 cm

Bloomberry is about beauty in craftmanship; Craftmanship In design, in the collection, the inhouse atelier and in attitude. To the two owners and founders, Bloomberry is a living sculpture where the synergy between the collection, the staff and the market makes Bloomberry such an exciting place. Only part of the collection is shown on the website, a visit to the store gives you the full insight. Being antique dealers with a focus on unique 20th Century design pieces, they like to describe their task as modern archeology.